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The Buffalo Mountain Bluegrass Band consists of the home schooled sister and brother duo, Autumn and Canyon Moore. They have been performing together since 2008, and they play a variety of music styles including, but not limited to, Bluegrass, Gospel, Civil War, Patriotic, Country, Irish, Canadian, and Scottish. The duo performs regularly at a variety of venues, and they are excited to share their love of music with others. To learn more about them, visit their website: www.buffalomountainbluegrass.com.



Autumn Moore - Fiddle & Vocals 

Autumn is 18* years old and she has been fiddling for 12 years. She sings harmony and occasionally plays guitar and mandolin. 

           When Autumn has free time, she enjoys spending it with family and friends, listening to music, working on fiber arts projects, making cards, dancing - (Square, Scottish Country, Civil War, Swing, Ballroom, Quebecois Step/Social Dancing, and Contra dancing), going to civil war balls/reenactments, reading, cooking/baking, cleaning, and doing activities outside (kayaking, biking, gardening, playing soccer, fly fishing, skiing, etc). She is very active in one of the local 4-H clubs. Autumn has been blessed with the opportunity to serve as the administrative assistant at several Music & Dance Camps at the Ashokan Center in Saugerties, NY throughout the year. She loves attending the events and making new friends.


           Autumn is currently in 11th grade, but she is also participating in the dual enrollment program with HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College). After finishing high school, her plans are undecided at this moment, but she has considered pursuing a degree in either Animal or Environmental Science.  

         Her favorite musicians and bands* are Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, The Gothard Sisters, Della Mae, Genticorum, Wake Up Robin, Tidal Wave, Sweetback Sisters, Alchemy, Sons of Serendip, and individual players, Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, Galen Fraser, Patrick McAvinue, Wayne Massangale, Kate Rusby, and April Verch. These musicians, among many others, have influenced her a great deal.                                


Canyon Moore - Guitar & Lead Vocals


         Canyon is 16* years old and has been playing the fiddle for 11 years, the guitar for 5 years, and singing for most of his life. He is a gifted player and has a spectacular ear for music. In his spare time, he enjoys getting together with friends and family, modifying 1/64 scale vehicles, working with leather (he enjoys making gun holsters), going to civil war reenacting events, dancing (mainly Square, Swing, & Ballroom), participating in 4-H, and doing outdoor activities including (hunting, archery, riding his dirt bike and 4-wheeler, snowmobiling (when weather permits), taking care of the livestock (mainly is 4-H steer), and much more. Canyon is currently in 9th grade. This fall he kept extra busy  by playing Football for our local public high school. 


Canyon’s favorite bands are Balsam Range, Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, Alabama, Johnny Cash, and many many more. These musicians, among those he has played with throughout most of  his life, have been a great inspiration in his musical endeavors.  



Houston is our little brother. He is 4 years old and very precious. He isn't an active "band member" just yet,  but he will be joining us on stage before we know it. During our practices, he enjoys strumming the guitar & mandolin, plucking the fiddle, and singing a few words to his favorite songs.  


When he's not involved with our music, he spends his time reading books, playing with trucks and tractors, playing outside, and doing "big guy" stuff with his big brother and Dad. Houston also likes to watch educational kids videos on a variety of different topics. (everything from boats to making bread). In addition to those things, he loves to help in the kitchen. He keeps himself very busy!   


Canyon & I can't go any further without mentioning the four most influential and amazing individuals in our lives: our fantastic parents, (Chris & Debby) and our incredible grandparents, (Howard & Carol Peterman). Without their support and encouragement in our musical endeavors as well as our other interests, along with continued patience, and willingness to listen/help, we would not be where we are today. They mean so much to us, and we are very blessed to have them in our lives!! 

Autumn Moore
Chris & Debby
Autumn Moore
Howard & Carol
Autumn Moore


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