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The Buffalo Mountain Bluegrass Band's show is one you won't want to miss! Autumn and Canyon are homeschooled siblings from South Central, Pennsylvania. Autumn and Canyon impress audiences with their fiddle and guitar skills and tight sibling harmonies. This duo has entertained audiences of all ages since 2009 with a variety of music styles including Bluegrass, Gospel, Country, Scottish, Irish, Canadian, Americana, & Civil War. 

The Buffal
o Mountain Bluegrass Band performs over 60 shows a year. A few notable venues include: the Pennsylvania State Farm Show - Governor's Opening Ceremony, the PA State Fair Convention - Queen Coronation Banquet, the national 4-H Conference, A Bluegrass Kinda Christmas in Raleigh, NC, and the Homeland Hospice 10th Anniversary Celebration. Autumn and Canyon are thankful for the wonderful opportunity to share their love of traditional music with others! 

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